The First Leg

We love matching PJs

The first flight of the trip is actually the longest one of the entire trip—Chicago to Tokyo, a brief 6,300 miles and 13 hours to get to the other side of the world. We got on the plane and got into our matching pajamas and settled into our seats. A brief delay aside, we were up in the air in no time and enjoying lounging in the cabin, sipping on some red wine and sparkling water. A few movies in and Adam was knocking out a plethora of thank you notes and Debbie was relaxing. The plane ride itself was relatively uneventful, full of the usual food and beverage service. We did get a nice honeymoon dessert special as the plane was landing in Tokyo from the flight attendant team as well as some recommendations for Tokyo and Okinawa.

“Happy Honeymoon / NH 111 3/5/19”

Upon landing, we were happy to see that the data plans were turned on and only to find that someone else decided they also wanted to be Mrs. Debra Meyer. While the real Debra Meyer was on the plane, the imposter went shopping in suburban Illinois. This “discovery” led to an opportunity to spend our first 45-minutes in Japan on the phone with AMEX cancelling the cards and getting new ones shipped around the world. So…to whoever you are, thanks for that gift of time.

Post AMEX excitement, we boarded the city train and made our way to our first destination, a 4-night stay (on points of course 😊) to the Prince Sakura Hotel. Upon check-in, we received a lovely bottle of champagne from the hotel (I can only assume this was thanks to Tim S., the best Marriott Ambassador there is). We made our way upstairs to refresh and retire for the evening, planning for our first of 3 full days here in Tokyo tomorrow.

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