The Robot Show

There’s really not a good way to describe what just happened to us for the past 90 minutes at the Robot Show. Before even arriving, we had quite the experience getting there. Still pouring rain, we experienced Tokyo rush hour for the first time. I have a new appreciation for riding the CTA, Marta, and even the NYC trains after tonight. I’ve never seen so many people pushing to get into a train car- it wasn’t the most comfortable or pleasant experience. Thankfully, Debbie got a seat a few minutes in but I never thought it’d be as challenging as it was to get off of the train. If you want to see what it was like, this was fairly accurate.

Located in the basement of a building in the center of Tokyo, literally sharing a stairwell with a strip club, is the Robot Show. The room was split up with about 100 seats on either side in the aisle, in a stadium seating arrangement 3 rows deep. There were no real aisles to get to your seat, it was just a bunch of folks crammed in there.

In an attempt to describe what words can do no justice to, it was an hour and a half of anime meets Mardi Gras with 115 decibel sound (someone else’s YouTube video), flashing lights, lasers, drums, strobes, and so much more. We were battling the jet lag hard but found a way to fight through.

The show had 3 intermissions and it was really entertaining to watch the masses attempt to run to the bathroom. The crowd was also “different” than what the rest of the day had held as we saw more tourists at the attraction that we’d seen combined the rest of the day. It was certainly an experience…really no way else to describe it.

That said, looking forward with GREAT excitement for tomorrow. We’re headed to an early morning tour of the Tsukiji Fish Market, the oldest fish market in the world, for a little eating tour and then on the top of my bucket list, experiencing the real life version of MarioCart throughout the streets of Tokyo. Our day will conclude with dinner with Brian and Taylor Colby, friends of ours from Vanderbilt that live out here.

Going to be another exciting adventure for the HoneyMeyers tomorrow!

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