Okinawa Day 1

Our first day in Okinawa wins the award for most relaxing day of the trip we’ve had thus far. We slept in and barely caught the breakfast buffet (930 am, super late for us early risers) before making a few adjustments to our upcoming flight on Friday to China.

We decided to explore the surrounding area. Along the journey, we found plenty of restaurant options for dinner for the following nights as well as a plethora of scuba shops and other touristy items (picture of my favorite below for child care). Since we’ve yet to go to OrangeTheory on the trip (we did try in Tokyo, they were all sold out), we’ve been trying to go on longer walks to get some physical exercise to help offset the caloric vacation intakes. The weather had warmed up and we were enjoying our adventure along the ocean-side and even stopped this lovely Sea-Side Drive-In Cafe, a 24-hour diner, for lunch.

We made our way back to the hotel and lounged by the pool and hot-tub before finding the happy hour special at the bar and making our way into town. Debbie and TripAdvisor have become great friends and we found a
Yakiniku restaurant to go to. Yakiniku is the Japanese equivalent to Korean BBQ- it’s where you sit down and cook your food in front of you on a hot grill. There was a 90-minute wait so we did what all classy Americans do when on vacation, went into a gas station, bought 2 tall-boys, and went into another hotel to go and drink on the beach and watch the sunset.

After passing the time, we returned for dinner to the restaurant and had one of the best meals we’ve had thus far. We ordered some tenderloin, short rib, and skirt steak (cooked to perfection I might add) and enjoyed a simple yet delicious meal in a jam-packed restaurant. The restaurant also provided us with a chance (for the first time) to take our shoes off before entering, place them into a locker, and then sit at the table either barefoot or in socks. The best part (and we were both thankful that we were in socks) was that when we had to use the restroom, they had like 5 pairs of shoes (birkenstocks) just waiting for you before you walked in to use.

Post dinner, we made our way back to the hotel to retire for the evening and end of a very relaxing day of our trip.

Next up- Day 2 in Okinawa and a snorkel adventure

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