Sushi and Snorkeling

Day 2 in our peaceful stay in Okinawa got off to a similar start: a late sleep in and a visit to the breakfast buffet. We came back to the room to make a few more arrangements for our upcoming trip to China and then made our way out another walking adventure- this time to a Poke Bowl place about 6 km away (3.7 miles). Our 1.5-ish hour away walk brought new sights and sounds as we walked down the ocean highway. Although there were no super funny signs to snap today, it was a peaceful adventure to get arguably the best Poke we’d ever had (freshest tuna and salmon ever, excellent honey miso sauce). For it only being about 1 pm, the restaurant had tons of people so we knew we’d found a good spot (shout out to Taylor C. for recommending this spot- she’s 2 for 2, going for a full sweep on Thursday)

Post lunch, we made our way back to the hotel to pack up for our snorkel adventure (the second part of the excellent wedding gift from Sam Hokin). We walked over to the snorkel spot to meet our AirBNB excursion host – Gyorgy. Gyorgy is a scuba master and has been moving around the world with his scuba and snorkel shop- born in Hungary but has been all over the Caribbean as well as Asia. We had a nice 90-minute snorkel around a shallow cove, the water was exceptionally clear and we saw tons of beautiful fish. We shared a boat with about 15 other tourists who were going to SCUBA for the first time ever- it was funny as he mentioned that 80% of these folks (based on his experience with his dive shop) had never even swam before. Post dive, Gyorgy took us to a local market for some additional fresh fish (sashimi plate) and maybe a little ice cream snack. We’d driven by this market many times but would have never known to stop there or even really noticed it without him directing us towards it.

Gyorgy dropped us back off at the hotel and we were wiped. We had thought about driving in to the non-touristy part of the Island for dinner but instead went down to the buffet to get bowls and chopsticks to eat our ramen from the Cup Noodle Museum in Yokohoma and the first day of our trip. We were asleep by 9 pm after our long day and big plans for tomorrow – headed into the city of Naha.

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