Glass Bottom Bridge and Baofeng Lake

Today had a later start than yesterday and we planned to meet Cloud at 930 for our 10 am visit to the glass bottom bridge. Our driver showed up a little late so we had a slight delay before making the 45-minute drive to today’s attraction.

The bridge opened in 2016 and is about 350m long and about 350m above the ground. Upon arriving to the bridge area, we got shoe covers for our feet and preceded to make our way on the bridge. On the way down, we ran into the group we saw all over the place yesterday. Of all of the places to go in the park and of all of the times to be at the bridge, we were there at the same time (the second time in China we’d had multiple unplanned activities with the same people).

Walking on the bridge wasn’t actually as weird as I was expecting it to be. It certainly got weirder the more towards the center of the bridge you got but the glass was quite thick so it wasn’t a pure shot downwards. We watched some of the folks crawling (but not as many as we were hoping) and enjoyed the sights from up high. We took a few photos of us sitting down on the bridge as we made our way to the other end.

After we finished hiking across the bridge path, we made our way down to the Grand Canyon for another walk down the bottom of the mountain range looking upwards. We had to go down quite a few steps and then took an elevator to make our way to the bottom and start the 3km walk down a path elevated above the stream.

We were about half-way through the path when we came upon a zip-line and decided there was nothing more necessary than joining in on the local fun. We waited a few minutes for Cloud to get to the bottom to take some photos for us and had a blast (but don’t have the best photos from his phone). We reached the end of the path and boarded a slow-boat to cross the river for maybe 15 minutes and join the cab at the end of the path.

After a brief stop at the hotel, we headed back out to Baofeng Lake. We boarded a bus up to the dock and got on a guided tour with about 30 tourists for the lake adventure. While the guide was certainly speaking Chinese, Cloud was helpful in translating the highlights and pointing out the key sights. Debbie properly pointed out that the whole experience felt like we were in a Disney World ride in China with the attractions and the guide at the front of the boat.

We didn’t exactly get the perfect translation but drove by two different huts of singers singing to the guests as they went by- I think the concept was that men serenade women when they are interested and women respond to the courtship by singing. We docked the boat and made our way back down to the entrance to take a few photos with the waterfall before making our way back to the hotel after a short stop through the downtown area (and maybe a little ice cream snack).

The night was relatively peaceful as we hung out watching the one English-movie channel in the room and enjoying the hotel buffet as we’d given up on trying to find good local food. That said, the buffet was closed so we had to adventure out and found a nice little noodle shop to serve us some wontons as well as a beef and pork noodle dish. We strolled around the town on the prowl for a good pastry before heading back to the hotel.

Next Up- The longest travel stretch of our trip- from remote China to the Great Barrier Reef (via 1-hour cab ride, a 1-hour flight, 10 hours in between the next flight, a 11-hour flight, 3 hours between the next flight, a 3-hour flight, and then a 1.5 hour drive….so yeah…might be a little while before you hear from us next!

The HoneyMeyers are two weeks in and two countries down! Off to #3 tomorrow! Aussie Aussie Aussie….Oy Oy Oy

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