Closing Out Cairns

After a pretty peaceful evening, we woke up early to try to head to the airport and catch the 1130 am instead of the 5 pm flight back to Sydney. The drive we had on Thursday night to Port Douglas (in the rain, windy road) ended up being exceptionally beautiful – very much reminded me of driving down the PCH from LA to Santa Barbara. We greatly enjoyed the drive even if it was a winding road.

One of the many look-outs you can pull over at on the drive from Port Douglas to Cairns

We made the trip because we realized we really had quite limited time in the city and wanted to get a little more action. Unfortunately for us, we were unable to switch flights (or we could have for $1000 AUD) and it was a good lesson to never buy the basic economy tickets on any airline.

We left the airport and took the rental car to the Cairns city center to walk around the harbor as well as their touristy set-up. Like Port Douglas, it seems like the town is a means to the end to get to the GBR. While walking down the street towards the Saturday market, we were solicited no less than 10 times by various travel agents trying to sell us on something.

After stopping for a quick bite in an Irish Pub, we made our way back to the airport and spent a few hours playing cards before catching our late afternoon flight. We landed in Sydney just after 9 pm and caught the train into the Central Business District and taking a short 4 minute walk to our hotel and discovered our nice room for the 2 nights we’re here.

A short post for a relatively uneventful and relaxing day. Tomorrow is a big one for us- our good friends from Chicago are landing in Sydney to join us for the next 2 weeks and we’re going to see another Commodore who lives down here as well. We’re going to do the Sydney Bridge Climb tomorrow so that will certainly be a story to tell!

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