Rob Roy Glacier Hike

The great question of the day was not whether or not we were going to do a hike, but which hike we were going to do. After spending about 20-30 minutes reviewing options and flip-flopping plans, we decided to head to Rob Roy Glacier Park.

The entrance to the guided path was about 1 hour and 15 minutes away and it only had 3 turns- including the final turn for about 55 km down a very curvy road full of every obstacle you could possible imagine- stretches of one lane, ocean and narrow road, cows/sheep to drive around, a gravel path with no lanes, and everything more.

We reached the parking lot and found our way for the roughly 3-4 hour hike with 2 viewing points. The terrain on the hike was fascinating- every few minutes it changed. We started walking down a path full of cow “dung” surrounded by wild life, then went over a crashing river on a swing bridge, and then the uphill climb through the mountains moved between your typical forest mountain terrain to rivers and creeks and rocks.

John and I were moving at a little faster clip than Debbie and Jennie and each time we waited for them to catch up proved to be a nice rest for us on the 93 minute journey up the hill. The views were magnificent and despite trying to get as many photos as we could, the sun was often in the way and we looked like shadows (that and the pictures wouldn’t do it justice,

We spent about 30 minutes on the top of the hike looking at the sights and sounds of the mountains covered in snow and hearing the crashing of the tens of waterfalls you could see before gathering ourselves and adventuring back down (only took 82 minutes going down).

Not having eaten lunch (we were not well prepared for the hike- only protein bars and 6 bottles of water which were nearly all consumed), we got back and were not only sweaty but exceptionally hungry. We walked into town for an Italian place that had been recommended to us by some fellow hikers and coincidentally discovered that Debbie had previously eaten here on her prior trip.

Post dinner, we made our way to the lake to watch the sunset before adventuring off to go towards the Wanaka Cinema to order some chocolate chip cookies (nostalgic memory from Debbie’s last trip). During the 30-minute bake time, Debbie and I decided to actually go to the movies (Captain Marvel) while John/Jennie explored the night life in the area.

The movie theater was pretty different from any in the states- highlight was definitely a brief intermission to allow folks to use the bathroom and get some concessions- novel idea. It was almost 10:30 pm by the time we got out so we went back to the house but not before star-gazing in the beautiful sky and both seeing a shooting star!

All-in-all, another great day for the HoneyMeyers- 12 miles later. Note- Jennie has more photos for later, I’ll try to get them and add to the next post

Next up- canyoning- Debbie and I did this in Bali and it was easily our favorite activity ever, excited to have another shot at it tomorrow

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