Canyoning in Queenstown

Today’s adventure was canyoning. Debbie and I had been in Bali when we were on our trip a few years ago and were excited to bring John and Jennie along for the introduction to one of our favorite activities.

We got up bright and early to make our first ever driving trip from Wanaka to Queenstown. Despite only being 70 minutes away, this was one of the more perilous drives of our trip. It was very dark in the morning and our drive had hills, curves, and everything else that has been par for the course in our transit.

After arriving in Queenstown about 30 minutes before our meeting time, we swung by a coffee shop to grab some food and drink and made our way over. It was frigid and we were told to wear shorts and a t-shirt and no one was prepared to stand outside at the meeting point. We met our guide (also named Adam) and one other gentlemen who was paired up with us for the adventure.

We got all of our gear and loaded up on a boat for about 20 minutes to an island where we then hiked up 45 minutes around land-mines of cow-dung and other fecal matter from the livestock. Upon reaching the top of our mountain, we had a brief safety demonstration and were on our way.

Unlike the last time we went canyoning, today’s adventure was frigid- I guess there’s something different about going near the equator as opposed to near Antarctica. Despite the frigid water temperature, we spent about 3 hours or so making our way down the mountain through a combination of sliding and rappelling. Our guide did a great job of keeping everyone safe and the only real risk to our safety was if the guide himself got hurt.

After making our way down the mountain, we had a nice lunch on the waterfront waiting for our water taxi to return. Thankfully the weather had warmed up as we were no longer freezing but the rain was certainly not welcome. We made our way back to downtown Queenstown and wandered around before heading back to the car and setting our path back towards Wanaka for our final evening in our AirBNB.

We were all pretty wiped and everyone definitely wanted/needed a nice shower before continuing along with our evening plans. We still had a bunch of food left from our prior grocery run so decided to cook dinner once more.

A low-key evening was in store after the extensive physical exertion of canyoning for three days in a row of activity.

Tomorrow we’ll be anxiously awaiting the weather forecast to see if our trip to Milford Sound is on or not….

Until then, the HoneyMeyers are making our final relocation of the NZ road-trip to Queenstown

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