Queenstown Day 1- Food Friday

Yesterday’s planned adventure was a scenic ride over Milford Sound. We were scheduled to fly at 8 am and were to call around 7am to confirm that flying conditions were acceptable.

I had been testing to make sure I could dial the right number the night before and ended up speaking with them early and discovered that the weather was questionable and as such so we’re our chances of flying. We initially pushed back to 10 am but after calling them again in the AM, we were pushed all the way back to 2pm.

With all the time in the world, we ended up having breakfast in Wanaka at a local diner and then packed up the car for our drive to Queenstown and our final home for these 3 days of our NZ road trip. We checked in to the AirBNB and made our way downtown for lunch and drinks, waiting to see what would happen with our afternoon flight.

We stopped for food at Fergburger- a famous spot in town with long lines no matter when you go. I compare all burgers to Au Cheval in Chicago and while this one was nice, that still remains in my mind the best burger in the world. While it was nice, the highlight of lunch was a bar that Jennie had found in our AirBNB guide.

After collecting our food to go, we made our way to this bar that was on a stationary boat. The two floors of seating quickly filled up as we had our burgers and some drinks sitting in the harbor.

When it finally came time to call once more for the flight, we ended up having to punt our plans for the flight to Sunday AM as it was too windy to fly. We walked around town for a little bit wandering into the shops before stopping at the second Nz Cookie time location- the cookie bar- for an afternoon treat.

We made our way back up to our AirBNB to rest for a few hours and then headed to the store for what was likely our final home cooked dinner of the trip. We stayed in and watched some TV before calling it quits and preparing for tomorrow’s adventure- a bike wine tour just outside of queenstown.

View from our unit this weekend

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