Down Under No More: So Long Sydney

Our final day and change in Sydney was pretty low key. We were pretty wiped after our NZ adventure and so were quite content to play it low key during our long layover to our next destination.

After landing and getting to the hotel, we snacked on some food in the lounge and found ourselves in the pool before hitting bed just after 9 pm. The next morning, we slept in, visited this magical place that’d we’d formally yet to see called the gym, and ran a few errands.

The real fun of the day started with lunch with our friend Abby from Vandy who we’d seen two weeks ago for a day of fun beforehand. We met near her office and found a Poke bowl option nearby.

Post lunch, we made our way to the Sydney Zoo to make sure we could get our fix of Australian animals before leaving the country. We took a short ferry over to the zoo and then spent 2+ hours walking around with all of the school children there on their field trips.

We saw the usual animals of the zoos (elephants, giraffes, seals, etc.) but really enjoyed being able to walk down some special trails to see the “local” animals- the koalas, the kangaroos, the emus, and many other nocturnal animals in our favorite exhibit animals of the night.

The zoo also had a cable car for you to not only get from one side of the park to the other but also a skyline safari. We did a round trip and then a one way as we had time to pass before the ferry left and enjoyed the sights from above.

We got back to the hotel and spent some time planning and preparing for our upcoming adventures on the back half of the trip before meeting Abby once more for happy hour at the hotel.

Debbie and I ended the evening walking back towards the Sydney House for a fantastic dinner courtesy of Jonathan H and an experience he gifted us. We did a phenomenal tasting menu in Bennelong, the Opera House fine dining restaurant, literally sitting in the window overlooking the amazing views. The service and food were both probably the best we’ve had of the trip as we enjoyed some yellow tail sashimi, scallops, steak, potatoes, and of course, a little dessert and wine.

We walked back through the harbor to get back to the hotel and packed up as we had a very early start as we head next to Singapore.

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