Sydney to Singapore

We’re building a nice streak here of low key days for ourselves as we work our way into our first real beach week. The morning got off to a very early start with a 5 am wake up call for the 8 am flight.

We made our way to the airport and checked into our first ever Singapore Airlines flight. While we’d purchased our around the world flight through them, we only have 2 segments on the carrier and I was super excited to try them out.

After checking our bags and making our way through security, we grabbed a quick breakfast in the Kris Flyer lounge and made a few phone calls to folks back home before jumping on the plane.

Best news of the day came when we were in the lounge. We heard that our mystery post card reader from the Great Barrier Reef finally received her letter!

I don’t think we know anyone who loves a good postcard more than my grandmother Lucy and we figured what better way to surprise her then sending her a card – it took 18 days for her to get it!

The plane ride itself was one of the highlights of the day. The seat was super comfy, the food tasted like it almost came from a real restaurant, and most importantly of all, the service was completely outstanding. I almost wish that we could only fly this carrier moving forward but recognize that we’ll enjoy our next segment on them when the time comes.

The 8.5 hour flight during the day time was one of the more unusual flight paths we’ve ever taken as usually that’s a red-eye flight or something you take from Europe back home but we passed the time with a combination of movies, Netflix, and maybe a nap or two there.

We landed in Singapore just about 215 pm and had decided we were going to pull the trigger and stay at the famous Marina Bay Sands hotel. Not only do they have one of the coolest infinity pools, but also fantastic service for all guests. We’d been watching rates and they never changed so didn’t want to book in advance in case our flight was delayed but upon landing and trying to make a room, the rate had literally gone up 2x and now what was already expensive became a non-option (well make plans to stay there next time we pass through).

After scrambling and analysis paralysis for our new housing option for 1-night, we settled on the W Sentosa Cove. During the cab ride, I was trying to sweet talk them through the app to get a nice room even though we’d made a super last minute booking. Thankfully this paid off and we got a marvelous corner suite for our limited time here.

We hung out by the pool for a few hours even though the weather was atypical for Singapore- a little cloudy and rainy- before walking down the Harbour to find a great spot for a fish dinner. They’re having a huge yacht show here this week so post dinner we walked around and looked at the massive boats.

We were asleep by 9 after the 3 am wake up (tine change) and our brief stop in Singapore had come to a close. We’d already been here once before (twice for me) and while this wasn’t exactly our original plan for the day, it’s what the HoneyMeyers needed for sure.

We woke up and enjoyed what was arguably one of the best breakfast buffets we’ve ever seen before making our way to the airport for the flight.

A well balanced dessert course of yellow food to match my yellow shirt. #whatdiet
Ron Swanson: I’ll have all of the bacon you have

Next up- Singapore to Langkawi Malaysia (very short flight)- home to the Andaman Islands and a (hopefully) beautiful stay in our rainforest hotel.

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