Andaman Island Hopping

Today was a pretty solid day. We slept in and started the day off with an early morning adventure walk around the property. We met the other 15 participants in the lobby and the guide led us for 90 minutes around looking at the monkeys, birds, plants, and learning about the rainforest.

Post nature walk, we experienced our first morning at what is another very strong breakfast buffet (excited for the next 4 mornings). We came back and got ready for the day and spent an hour in the pool area before heading into town for our big excursion (thanks for another great gift Sam!)

We made our way to the jet ski company and began our 8 island hopping 4 hour tour. It ended up being a private outing which we really enjoyed. Our guide Patrick introduced himself and our vehicle to us and after a safety demonstration we were on our way. Debbie had driven before so she started us off and led us to our first few islands.

We had quite a few great stops on the trip including a 45 minute swim in a fresh water lake situated in between the mountains surrounded by salt water as well as some other great swimming spots. We saw a two sets of dolphins, eagles, and tons of other natural wild life.

My favorite stop was when the guide pulled up and said this is your free time- stay close so I can see you and I’ll help you if you get in trouble. So for about 30 minutes or so we just drove in circles around him and had tons of fun going at whatever speed, direction, and turns we wanted.

After a few other swims, we made our way back to the starting point 4 hours later and spent the next 2 hours sitting on the beach eating dinner, having a nice Tiger beer, and watching the sunset.

By the time we got back to the hotel we were pretty tired and we’re excited to sleep in with nothing scheduled for tomorrow until 345 pm.

Up next- another peaceful beach day and a sunset dinner cruise

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