Langkawi- Rain forest Oasis

Getting to Langkawi couldn’t have been any easier. After a 8.5 hour flight from Sydney to Singapore, today’s 75 minute flight from Singapore to Langkawi was a welcome brief adventure. We got to the airport, checked in our bags on the budget carrier AirAsia (weight restrictions were passed) and then enjoyed the world’s best airport before the flight.

After arriving in Langkawi and clearing customs, we collected our bags and made the 40 minute journey to the hotel. The Langkawi airport goes down for another one of the smallest airports we’ve ever visited- we walked down the stairs like famous people, crossed the “street” to get into the terminal, and just meandered into the customs lane. There were zero other planes in sight. We’re staying at a hotel in the rain forest and while it warns you online, I don’t think we were exactly well prepared for the implications- the monkeys walking on the balcony, the snakes (which we haven’t seen thankfully), and an assortment of other live animals.

The hotel is unfortunately sold-out so we only got a baby upgrade and discovered our room had a private balcony hot-tub. The room itself is nice- situated on the ground floor with direct access to the pool and beach areas. We had a quick bite to eat on the beach before changing and getting into the pool and ocean. The water was so warm and we both enjoyed swimming around until the jellyfish overtook the waters and we had to get out.

The hotel also has a Japanese restaurant on-site and given the next few days of activities, we wanted to go ahead and knock out our teppanyaki experience here. Spoiler alert- it wasn’t as good as the actual thing in Japan (or Happy Sumo II in Atlanta / Ron of Japan in Chicago) but we enjoyed our meal with a set of couples here from Germany for 12 nights.

We made some plans for the rest of our stay here before retiring for the evening and another on the stretch of low-key days for the HoneyMeyers as we rest up for all that is ahead.

Next Up- an adventure/nature walk of the hotel and a jet-ski island hopping tour tomorrow!

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