Sunset Cruising

Beach week #1 (technically #2 but really #1) is shaping up to be the low-key week we expected. We slept in and started our day off right at the breakfast buffet before spending some time in the pool and ocean. We had planned to do some reading by the pool but that was quickly ruined by a surprise sun shower so we made our way quickly to the water.

After the pool was overrun by small children, we made our way to the ocean and rented two kayaks to head over to two surrounding islands. The kayak ride was very peaceful but we forgot about the concept of the tide making it harder to go exactly where you wanted. After spending some time on the private island, we made our way back to the main hotel area and shared a quick bite to eat as we wanted to be hungry for our evening’s activities. On the way to the table, we nearly were overtaken by a giant lizard or some sort of dragon. I nearly jumped back a few feet and the couple sitting next to us really enjoyed the laughter at my expense.

After lunch, we packed up for our sunset cruise. We got picked up just before 4 to make the 45 minute drive back down towards the port and boarded a 50-foot yacht with maybe 25 other people for our 3 hour trip. We found a nice spot for the sail out to sea and then started making our way around the boat once we’d “dropped” the stern Jacuzzi set-up. We didn’t really know what it meant when we saw it on the website and didn’t realize how hard it’d be to stay in the structure when we watched the group before us but enjoyed (Debbie significantly more than me) our 15 minutes off the back of the boat.

For being on a ship, the dinner spread was actually very impressive as they had nearly 20 unique items for you to choose from and we enjoyed a meal and a few adult beverages on the same seas we’d traverses via jet-ski the day before. We took a few photos and enjoyed the music as the boat slid over the water and really took in the peaceful bliss.

We both passed out when we got back in our vehicle to the hotel and were once again asleep pretty early as the sun here is really taking it out of us. While it was only a brief 92 today, the heat index exceeded 110 so it’s been pretty toasty.

No real firm plans for tomorrow but I’m sure we’ll find something to keep us entertained 🙂

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