The First Day of the Second Half

The glass is very much half full in more ways than 1 as we officially started the second half of the trip yesterday. The day itself was the definition of a relaxing beach day and one of our favorites in this gem of Langkawi.

We made some early strong moves before breakfast to reserve a cabana for ourselves for the day and it paid out huge dividends. After eating breakfast and changing for the day, we posted up in our pool side cabana – reading our books and enjoying the sounds of the ocean.

We’d heard that it was snowing in Chicago but the weather in Langkawi was a little different- 93 with a heat index well over 110. We couldn’t sit too long, even in our shaded area, before needing to spend some time in the pool or the ocean to cool off.

We spent nearly 9-4 at the pool and ocean- ordered a little lunch, read a ton, and swam to enjoy our beach day where we didn’t leave the resort. At around 4 we made our way up to the lobby for Marriott happy hour and then got in a golf cart to head up to the spa for our couples sunset massage.

The spa villas were super unique- they were a few stories well removed from the hotel but overlooking the beach and surrounded by the natural sounds – the ocean waves crashing and the animals chirping and running around.

Sunset came and went while we were heads down on the table but the views both before and after were breathtaking. We finished up our massages and went for sushi at the hotel (phenomenal fresh fish here) before heading back to our room to call my sister for her birthday (shout-out for you L Mo).

We finished the night with some live music upstairs that we’d been wanting to try out but didn’t start to 1015 and we’ve been enjoying going to sleep early. Between the late massage and long dinner, this was the night that live music was in our grasp and we were very surprised to see a packed venue enjoying the music.

After about 45 minutes we came back down and while Debbie went to sleep, I pulled out the iPad to watch the final round of the masters. I fell asleep as the final group was on 7 but woke up just in time to see the madness start from 12 on and was so happy that I was able to see Tiger pull off this feat. While it didn’t end until like 245 am, it was certainly worth watching.

Next up- our final full day in Langkawi and last night at the hotel. We might head to the islands main attraction (they claim the worlds highest cable car) and have plans to join the fisherman’s party this evening

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