Final Day in Langkawi- Cable Car and Fisherman’s Night

Our final full day in Langkawi had plans for the cable car and a big beach fisherman’s dinner. After breakfast, we tried to make our way out via a cab that just couldn’t seem to come (the biggest issue with the hotel is transportation out). After a lengthy delay, we got in and made our way towards the Langkawi Cable Car.

While they claim to be the tallest in the world, we’ve yet to corroborate this claim. That said, the cable car certainly climbed up high very quickly and upon reaching the summit, they actually had a sign of a ton of other cable cars around the world and we’d been to quite a few.

The views up top at the platform had the potential to be absolutely stunning as not only was it the highest mountain in the island but also could be leveraged to see tons of different beaches. Unfortunately for us, it was a little cloudier than expected so it was limited.

We enjoyed our time up high in the clouds but we’re also happy to get down as everything was getting pretty crowded. For whatever reason, we ended up getting free entry into another attraction and made our way over there before leaving.

The 3D art museum is more appropriately known as the trick-eye museum. While I enjoyed quality of the museum in Singapore more with Chris Brothers, this one was more fun as I got to make Debbie take a ton of funny looking photos. Enjoy these snippets from below 🙂

After spending some time in the museum, we grabbed a quick bite to eat before returning to the hotel for another afternoon by the pool. We made our way to the SPG happy hour and back to the pool before changing for dinner.

Dinner was easily the highlight of the day. There was a very elaborate and extensive beach buffet and we were allocated prime time seats. The evenings events were called something about fisherman’s wharf and centered around cooking the “live fish” that had been caught earlier that day.

From prawns to crab, lobster to king fish, they had loads of options for us to feast on. While we didn’t eat incessantly for 3 hours, we definitely stayed for a long time taking our time to “navigate” the buffet as well as enjoy the live music from the band and some cocktails sitting feet from the ocean.

As our time on the island is soon coming to an end, we’ve greatly enjoyed our time here. If there wasn’t so much of the world left to explore, this would easily be near the top of our places to return to. A special shout out to Tim (our Marriott ambassador) to helping get us a really nice room for this stay even though the hotel was sold out and of course to Debbie for finding Langkawi on the map!

Next up for the HoneyMeyers- chilling at the hotel beach for a few more hours before we begin the journey to South Africa via a lovely red-eye flight

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