Our Final Day in Asia- Langkawi > Sinagpore > South Africa

Our final day in Langkawi started as all the others did- some of us waking up super early and others sleeping in. After another day at the breakfast buffet (going to be sad to see this go), we posted up by the pool for a few hours before returning to the room to pack it up as we had not been granted a late checkout.

We packed a little day-bag and went back out to the pool, ate lunch, and showered before beginning what was going to be another one of our longer transit days. A painfully warm 45 minute drive to the Langkawi airport followed by a 2-hour wait to board the plane came and went, we were very happy to enter the airport as it was the only place the AC was at full strength.

The flight from Langkawi to Singapore, though only 90 minutes, went down as the least enjoyable flight not only of the trip but potentially of our lives. We’re usually not ones to mind small children but there were at least 10 that were running up and down the aisle and others that were screaming and crying from take-off to landing. International carriers don’t seem to like it when you have headphones in on the taxi-way so we had no where to hide during these painful moments and a brief departure delay.

Upon landing in Singapore, we tried to enter The Jewell, a brand new feature of the already greatest airport in the world. Unfortunately, they were only having a ticketed pre-opening event as tomorrow is the first day they’re actually opened. We made our way to the Singapore Airlines Lounge which like most things Singapore Airlines (unlike the phone customer service team), it was perfect. There was the most elaborate dinner buffet we’d seen in our share of airport lounges and plenty of space for seating.

We made some phone calls, downloaded some shows and books, and explored the airport (including the intra-terminal train and the butterfly gardens) as we passed the six hours until our 11-hour flight. We were both pretty tired and were very excited not to get on the plane, but to be able to be in the seat where we could fall asleep and not have to worry about missing the flight. That said, the plane is going to be super nice as well 🙂 (our second, and last :(, Singapore airlines flight).

Neither of us have been to South Africa before and while we’re excited for our day in Johannesburg, we’re SUPER excited about Thursday’s activity as we arrive at our Safari.

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