Joburg Layover

The third (and final) of our red-eye flights on the trip has thankfully come and gone. Even in a super comfy seat aboard Singapore Airlines, you can only get limited quality sleep on these overnight flights.

We both found a way to stay up for a little bit to get the snack and pass some of the time before sleeping for nearly 6-7 hours of the 11 hour flight (but it wasn’t good sleep). Another meal and a few movies later and before we knew it, we’d arrived in Joburg.

After clearing customs and collecting our bags, we made our way to the hotel and thankfully were able to check-in at 7:30 am for our 4 pm check-in time and get a little nap in before adventuring out for the day. We checked with the concierge for some potential day-time activities but ended up going rogue on our own with Uber and the Adam/Debbie tour guide.

We first started at the Apartheid museum which was atop our list of activities. I wasn’t able to get too many photos of the inside but it was very interesting to wander the halls, read the exhibits, and watch the movies to learn about the tumultuous history and race relations in the country. They had a great temporary exhibit on Nelson Mandela and I think we’re going to try to go to Robben Island when we’re in Capetown next week.

After 3 or so hours in the museum, we were both feeling the jetlag hard but knew we needed to stay out. We found ourselves at the World of Beer Museum and posted up on the roof for a little late lunch and a few adult beverages as we enjoyed the weather and each other’s company. We struck up conversation with a couple in town from England who we may end up running into in Capetown that was pretty entertaining- they’re in town for a marathon over the weekend.

Passing the time and fighting jet-lag with a few 1/2 Ls of beer…

We’d made it until 5 pm and knew we could head back to the hotel and make it up to the impossible hour of 9 pm. We got back to the hotel, napped for a little bit, and then had a very casual meal at the hotel since there’s not too many places you can walk around here. 9 pm came and we were out (well Debbie was out and then I’m writing the post).

Next up- we head tomorrow AM to Kruger National Park for the Safari. No clue if we’re going to have connectivity so time will tell when the next post will be….either we have no Wi-Fi or I was eaten by a lion

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