Heading to Cape Town

This AM was our final hours at the Safari before we made the journey to Cape Town. We woke up well before our 5:30 AM alarm to ensure that we had everything packed so when the phone rang at 5:30, we actually had to scramble to pick it up as we weren’t anywhere near it.

Today’s game drive, while fun, was actually one of the lowest grossing animal sightings on our drives. We spent the first 90 minutes or so looking for the pride of lions that had made a kill last night. We did some off-roading like never before and were giving the elephants a run for their money in terms of knocking over trees.

During the search, we stumbled upon a few rhinos which made the rest of the jeep happy as well as found two different leopards – one with its cubs and another with a kill nearby – to close out our game drives. While we didn’t see any elephants today (first time all week), we enjoyed the search and locate component to the drive even though we were unsuccessful.

After returning from the drive and reaching the lounge, we ate a quick breakfast and said our good-byes to the greatest single destination I think either of us have ever visited in the world. The drive back to the airport was still more exciting than desired as some of the roads were still closed and we barely arrived in time to beat the car rental deadline.

We both passed out on the flight to Cape Town since we didn’t get our usual nap post early AM safari and arrived in the late afternoon to what is supposed to be the fan-favorite SA city. We rented another car and drove down in rush hour to our hotel right in the heart of the bustling action. We checked in and found a quick snack before taking care of some administrative items and ordering in some sushi to the hotel room since we were both wiped.

Our morning excursion (kayaking with penguins) had been cancelled so we spent a little bit of time devising our game plan for tomorrow and getting in bed super early.

A fairly low key afternoon in Cape Town after an exhausting yet exhilarating week in Kruger preparing for another week of adventure and moving around a little bit more on foot than we’d done the past few days.

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