Closing out Cape Town

We went out of Cape Town in style—another jam-packed day full of adventure and excitement. After a slow start to the morning following our wine tasting day, we made our way back downtown to Table Mountain. We were told there was virtually no line to go up and were excited when we bought our tickets in advance to skip what could be up to 1.5 hours on either end; however, we had a very hard time finding a parking spot. Usually it wouldn’t be an issue but with all of our belongings in the car and the trunk cover not entirely working, we were slightly concerned. I joined in the SA custom of tipping the “parking attendant” who thankfully did guard our belongings for us while we adventured up the mountain.

Having taken quite a few cable cars on this trip, we’ve come to have a certain level of expectation. This one was actually quite different—one large cable car, holding maybe upwards of 50 people, spun around its own axis while making the five-minute ascent so everyone would get views from start to finish.

Once we reached the top of Table Mountain, we realized exactly why it got its name. It wasn’t completely flat but was as flat of a mountain as they really come. Unlike some other places we’ve gone up, this one had walking paths that you could explore, 3 different ones, that could take you a few hours to go from start to finish. We made our way around the two closer paths for about 90 minutes or so, taking in the views of the city, the surrounding area, Robben Island, and more. Thankfully the weather couldn’t have been better for this adventure after the great lighthouse debacle on the Cape of Good Hope earlier in the week.

It was nearing 2 pm and we hadn’t eaten yet so we did what the HoneyMeyers do best—return to excellent food we’ve already eaten. We went back to Codfather—the restaurant we’d been to on Tuesday of the week for the pick your own fish/weight and sushi experience. While it was a more expensive lunch than we usually would’ve had, we knew that dinner wasn’t really happening with the upcoming flight and were happy to splurge for excellence once more.

With the final hour we had to explore before returning to the airport, we went back to the VA Waterfront area and walked around—playing with puppies that were in need of a home—and doing some people-watching. We got back in the car for bumper-to-bumper traffic to return the car to the airport before our flight back to Joburg.

We’ve never flown on Mango Air and probably won’t do so again—it certainly got us from Point A to Point B but not without its excitement—delayed flights for no reason, having to switch back to other flights, virtually no AC on the plane, no catering, etc. That said, we’ve experienced our fair share of different airline carriers and as long as they get you on the ground safely, that’s really the threshold to cross particularly when you’re on the other side of the world.

We landed back in Joburg well after 10 and stumbled to the airport hotel to pass out as we had an early start before our flight to Mauritius in the AM.

Next up: Our final “beach” week in Mauritius before the adventures continue in the Middle East & Europe

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