Moving to Mauritius

Today’s adventure in and of itself was rather simple- relocate from the Joburg Airport to the resort in Mauritius. We woke up rather early and made our way across the lawn to the terminal to check-in for the flight. After getting our boarding passes and clearing customs, we had a brief snack in the lounge before boarding the plane to Mauritius.

The four-hour flight was rather uneventful – the plane had no TVs despite being an international jet. I watched a bunch of TV while Debbie read and we were happy to get off of the plane when it landed (was still 100x better than the prior flight on Mango).

The customs forms for Mauritius were the most cumbersome we’ve ever been asked to fill out. Not only did they require the list of the countries we’ve been in the past 6 months (which is a few…) but also a litany of health questions as well as logistics on the trip. We got our luggage and got in the cab for an hour to head to the resort on the north-west side of the island.

This hotel appears to be the perfect combination of luxury and appropriate cost. From a point perspective, getting 5 nights here is a steal and given the status, we got upgraded to allegedly the best room in the 190-room property. Our suite is literally situated on the beach and the adult pool and has plenty (read: plenty) of space for all that we need (we’ll take some pictures tomorrow during the day-light) of the multiple bathroom, multiple room set-up that we’ll be working with here.

A welcome surprise to our room!

We got a brief tour of the hotel and made our way to the lounge for snacks and happy hour to tide ourselves over to dinner. The hotel is sold out for the next few nights so we couldn’t make a dinner reservation until 8:45 pm but the food was great. We ate at the Indian restaurant on property and had a lovely meal by the pool/ocean in an empty restaurant- apparently everyone made a reservation and then didn’t show.

The beautiful setting for dinner

We walked back down the beach to our room and settled in for movie night before making plans for the rest of the days here.

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