Moving Around (the hotel in) Mauritius

Today was our first full day in Mauritius at the resort so naturally we had to explore as much as possible. After sleeping in and exploring the breakfast buffet, we were nearly the first ones to the water sports shack at 10 am for water-skiing.

While Debbie is apparently a semi-professional-amateur water ski champion (got up with no rust, was even slaloming), I’ve never once tried to water ski. I was able to get up on the trainer bar attached the boat on two separate occasions and look forward to tomorrow’s attempt at getting up from the back of the boat.

Post ski adventure, we made our way to the adults only pool (a welcome find) and posted up for the next couple of hours. We read our books as well as had a nice lunch overlooking the beach and the infinity pool in the area. In the early afternoon, we returned once more to the Water Sports area for a glass-bottom boat excursion. We boarded the boat with about 10 other people for an hour experience- snorkeling for those who didn’t want to get in the water.

We got back and continued our pool-side reading until around 6 pm when we decided to go for our first real work-out of the trip. We had visited the hotel gyms before but we signed up for the High Intensity Internal Training (HIIT). Our trainer was a Mauritian professional athlete in martial arts and it showed. I’m not sure what the mix was of him being so fit and us having not gone to OTF since early March, but it was a struggle. In just 30 minutes (granted there was only 90 seconds of legitimate break in there), we were both huffing and puffing and in real need of a seat, water, and dinner (as all vacationers would do).

We cancelled our sit-down dinner plans and instead made our way to the Italian buffet and definitely ate back our calories and then some in preparation for our upcoming visit to Italy in about 2 weeks.

For a first day at the hotel, all is off to a fantastic start. We look forward to some other hotel excursions and exploring other on-island items as well.

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