Mauritius Day 2

Today’s adventures came with their usual excitement. After getting our stomachs refilled, we made our way and were the first ones down for another morning ski session. Round 2 came and went and I still wasn’t able to get up on the skis, I certainly did take in a ton of water. I was close a few times but still can’t figure it out. Of course, Debbie continued her impressive feat of crushing it and making me look like a true amateur.

We came back to the pool and I finished reading my book (in <24 hours, Ready Player One) and then we hung out poolside before the afternoon ski session. The afternoon brought rougher waters and made it even more challenging for me to attempt to see the other side of the skis from on top of the water. I probably tried 7-10 times and while each one landed with me falling flat on my face (we have lots of funny videos), I got super close one of the times and was on the cusp of cracking this impossible nut. By this point I was exceptionally tired and took a rest while Debbie wake-boarded around the bay (I wake-boarded off of the side of the boat but didn’t enjoy it).

We also made big plans for the rest of the week here- tomorrow we signed up for a nice massage at the hotel (will have a tough time competing with the one in Langkawi) and then on Wednesday we signed up for an all-day boat/beach/dolphin excursion which should be a good way to go out with a bang.

After a brief trip to the spa to explore the hot tub, we came back to the room to get ready for dinner and most importantly, happy hour in the club since we had a very light lunch today. We had dinner at the 3rd of 4 restaurants here (a different one each night) and of course it was one of our favorites- a sushi salmon platter- a little sashimi, a little nigiri, and some maki as well.

We came back to the room and watched about 2/3 of Ready Player One since I had just read the book in a day and then closed down for the night.

Tomorrow’s adventure- maybe (50-50) I get up on water skis, a massage, and maybe some tennis weather permitting

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