Another Day in Paradise

Well, I’ll just jump to it. I tried to water-ski in both the morning and afternoon session and failed to get up. I did make significant progress…but I also fell nearly 40 times. That said, tomorrow is a day off and then we’ll try again one more time on Thursday AM before we go.

That said, the day was another awesome one. Breakfast. Water-skiing. Reading. Swimming. Skiing again. There really wasn’t too much wrong with today aside from my inability to conquer the issue of stability in getting the skis up. Debbie was kind enough to get even more videos of me attempting to ski, but more impressive, Kiff, our ski instructor, may be the most patient person we’ve met. He was kind enough to take me out there again (2x today) and continue to provide assistance. He may be more excited about the prospect of me figuring this out than either of us.

Post our day on the beach, we made our way to the spa for a lovely couples massage. I may or may not have even dosed off in the middle of it as it was that relaxing. After all of the skiing we’ve done, a massage was certainly appreciated as both of our bodies are very sore from the rope, the waves, and the attempts. Next, we made our way to the lounge to finish Ready Player One while enjoying a bottle of champagne and then made our way to the Indian restaurant since the local Mauritian option was closed due to a private event.

A short post but only because the day was that great. Tomorrow will be full of excitement- we’re off to swim and snorkel with Dolphins with a tour arranged through the same company as the ski operators!

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