Leaving Mauritius and our 5th trip to the JNB Airport

Well, no ski success for me 😦

We woke up on our final morning in Mauritius and were very sad to leave the hotel. Between the great room and phenomenal service, we’d really enjoyed our stay here. We said our goodbyes to the breakfast buffet and posted up at the pool for our final few hours of great sunlight and water sports/pool.

We were the first in-line again for water skiing this AM and were expecting to see our good friend Kiff, the ski instructor, only to realize that for some reason he wasn’t there today. His replacement wasn’t as patient or as helpful and while the blame is certainly on me for failing to get up, this person certainly didn’t help us. I came super close on the first two attempts and then was relegated to the bar which tired me out and the subsequent attempts with the rope weren’t successful.

Debbie went in for her final ski and crushed the “mono” as they call it in Mauritius before we made our way back to the beach and sat at the pool for a few hours. After packing up and making our way to the concierge, we said goodbye to the management team that had been so kind to us and hoped to return again soon.

We made the 1-hour journey to the airport, checked-in for the flight, and posted up in the lounge before boarding the 4.5 hour flight back to SA. The flight was pretty bumpy and we passed the time with a meal and of course tons of Netlfix/reading. We cleared customs (the conversations are getting funny now about where we’ve been, where are we going,etc.) and barely made it to the bus station to catch the shuttle to the hotel without having to wait an additional 30 minutes (this was a huge win).

After checking in and getting situated, we both got ready for bed and even though it was an early evening by Joburg time, Mauritius was 2-hours ahead and flights tire us out. We’re not exactly looking forward to the next 1-2 days – a 5-hour flight, a five hour layover, and another 5-hour flight landing after 12 am and then another flight at 1 pm and crossing the Israel-Jordan border.

Going to be an interesting travel day and change and we’ll be sure to share any of the highlights before we get to something super excited- Petra & Wadi Rum.

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