Going to Greve

Our stay in our “tiny” Roman room had come to an end. One of the funnier things about our hotel villa is that when we went down for breakfast and the receptionist asked us what room we were in, she made me repeat it twice because she couldn’t believe that we were in that room. That said, we packed up post meal and left to go meet today’s new trip participants at the train station.

Today began the second (of 2) planned long stays to “crash” the HoneyMeyers on the trip. With the Meyer side of the family having made its way to Europe last week for a cruise, the Hokin side of the family flew overnight from Chicago, and everyone’s meeting point was at the Roma Termini train station.

After the 20 minute hilly walk, we’d finally entered the train station and tried to found the waiting lounge where my parents had posted up since they’d been at the station for a while having already taken a train from the port post cruise. We were very exciting to finally find them, not only had we not seen them for nearly 3 months but they were in the farthest possible corner of the station and we’d been rolling all of our stuff for a long time.

We spent a few minutes with them before the four of us made our way to grab some food and try to find Team Hokin, meeting them in the middle of the platform where our alleged train would show up. After a few minutes, we quickly realized that the train wasn’t assigned yet and we stood in the middle of the station until at 12:15, 5 minutes before we were supposed to leave, the train posted to the track.

We followed the herds of people rushing toward the track and made our way into the assigned cabin of the train and had to get creative where to store all of our luggage since we had so much between all of us. Julie and Dan pretty much immediately went to sleep since they were fighting jet-lag while the rest of us enjoyed some lunch that we’d picked up from the station.

The short 90-minute ride on the high speed train was uneventful which is always a good thing on a travel day- thing to note is that the highest speed we reached I think was approximately 250 km which makes it the fastest train I think we’ve been on during this trip.

We got off of the train and met our driver who took us the remaining 70 minutes to our bed and breakfast which is in Greve (in Chianti, in Tuscany) and we met our host, Simonetta, who showed us our rooms in the quaint establishment. There are maybe 5-6 rooms on our level and a few on the level below. The “compound” has her house, the house with all of the guest bedrooms, a pool, and a few other outdoor structures but there isn’t too much happening up here.

After checking in and leaving Team Hokin to nap, the rest of us went on a brief walk only to discover that there isn’t much you can find without going about 3+ miles in either direction.

We came back, opened up some wine (and the Meyer’s of course with their travel vodka) and had a nice happy hour before making our way over to Simonetta’s house for dinner. The six of us joined a Canadian couple (Cederic and Katherine) who had not only the privilege of cooking our dinner during their cooking class, but also then had to dine with us as well. They had been in Italy for almost 2 weeks and had just gotten engaged a day or two before.

The meal was excellent- a potato and leek soup, tomato pasta, beef rolls with carrots, and cantucci (I failed to take pictures, I’m sure Elise has quite a few) and the conversation was great as we chatted about each other’s trips and what was in store for us during the stay here.

Next up- a cooking class today (for lunch) and then another meal in Simonetta’s house for dinner- continuing our strong tradition of just eating everywhere we go

(I’ll try to take some additional pictures today…)

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