Roaming Around Rome

After an eventful first evening on our return trip to Rome, today’s adventure started off with everyone’s (least) favorite activity- laundry. We searched and found a laundromat about 20 minutes away that was open on Sunday (right next to the Vatican oddly enough) and had the privilege of sitting there for nearly 2 hours and paying $35 to wash our clothes, thankfully for the last time.

We made it back to the hotel and dropped everything off before beginning our walking tour. The first stop- visiting Il Buco, one of Rome’s oldest restaurants and a recommendation courtesy of Tim from Marriott. We enjoyed our meal very much and would recommend to any and all who visit. The restaurant is one of Rome’s oldest and would be much better for dinner (though we went for lunch) given the heavy portions.

Next up, we made our way around the city, eventually walking over 10 miles and 25k steps today. We started off at the Pantheon and after waiting in the fast moving line for 5-7 minutes, were able to meander throughout the church at our leisure.

We then continued our walking efforts to Piazza Navona as well as Piazza Campo Di Fiori, stumbling upon many local markets that were open as it was Sunday and the crowds were out and about. We then decided to make our way down to the old Jewish ghetto to visit the Grand Synagogue as well as the Jewish Museum.

Walking through the old ghetto was very cool, you could immediately tell you were in a new part of the city and if the buildings didn’t give it away, the tons of kosher restaurants lining the streets certainly would’ve let you know. The museum was nice because it was self-guided and had a hand-held audio-guide for you to input the number and hear about what you were looking at. Additionally, we also had a tour guide for a brief moment to take us into the actual synagogue, a beautiful building that was built in the very early 1900s and somehow wasn’t destroyed during WWII even though many of the Jews were sent to concentration camps from the area. The synagogue is still in use today and can hold nearly 700 people and has a dome tall enough to see the Vatican from the top.

Afterwards, we made our way back to the hotel to rest up a little bit and passed the Supreme Court building which was a pleasant surprise- the building was so decadent and just looked very official in every way possible. Post nap, we made our way out and set our sights on a restaurant that both Debbie and I had been to independently of each other during prior trips to Rome- Alla Rampa.

Situated just next to the Spanish Steps, we enjoyed one of our more favorite meals and as usual, ordered far more food than was needed yet nearly all of it disappeared. The appetizer, pasta starter, and main weren’t enough to fill us up as we made our way to the Trevi Fountain to admire the beauty at night and Debbie had a make-your-own magnum ice cream bar at the store.

Just for kicks, the then (7 years ago) and now

We walked back the 20+ minutes to the hotel, still very full, happy with the day that we had and got in bed quickly as we had a big day tomorrow- Catacombs in the AM and the Vatican in the PM.

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