All Good Things Must Come to an End…

The final morning had arrived and while I’d realized it was coming a few weeks ago, it finally hit Debbie when we were standing in the Passport Control line at the airport. We packed up our bags for the final time, which we won’t miss, and found an uninspiring breakfast at the airport hotel before making the 40-step walk across the street to the Terminal.

We checked in and found out that there had been an aircraft change and we wouldn’t be sitting together on our final flight back. After attempting to get the airline to change them before boarding, we were in the hands of our fellow travelers and the kindness of their hearts. We went through the border control and sat in the lounge for a few minutes before making our way to the final segment of our trip—our 27th.

Upon the new plane, our first attempt to sit together failed as many other couples had the same issue as us. Thankfully, we finally found someone to switch and while we were sitting aisle and window across the aisle, we were still close enough to chat (before someone fell asleep…cough cough not me). The meal service was actually one of the better ones and I passed the time watching Netflix and a combination of new and old movies on the TV—Aqua Man and one of my all-time personal favorites, Drumline (I know, came out of nowhere). The trans-Atlantic day-time flights are always tough to sleep on so by the time we arrived I was happy to be moving around again.

At least the weather in Chicago when we returned was nice…

During the flight, I had a chance to reflect upon how blessed and fortunate we were to have just completed what we had finished—we left 81 days ago, took 27 flights, slept in 37 different beds, visited 14 countries, and spent nearly every waking moment of the first 3 months of our marriage together, traveling, exploring, and visiting parts of the world, old and new, as we embark upon our journey together.

When we got home, we did what all couples who have been gone for 3 months do- go to Costco and pick up food for a Memorial Day BBQ feeding 20+, come home and go through all the mail, go back to the grocery store for things Costco didn’t have, go to our favorite restaurant (which we went to the night before we left), and of course, fall asleep at 9:30 pm since the jet-lag battle is real. Then of course, 7 am Orangetheory since we haven’t worked out really while we’ve been gone. Fun fact- I ran about 3 miles at OrangeTheory this AM which is about 3 more miles than I ran in the last 82 days…

I kept detailed notes everyday for us, and I know that many of you have enjoyed following along our adventures from near and far. I’ve enjoyed hearing about how many of you wake up every-day to read what we experienced and were living vicariously through us. You can do it too, and maybe we’ll join you along a portion of the trip as we had a few join us.

While the Around the World Trip has ended, our marriage and life-long honeymoon are just getting start—full of trips near and far, experiences fun and testing, and memories that like this trip, we’ll have in common for as long as we shall live. If you made it this far, I’ll let you in on a little secret, we could leave tomorrow and go on the exact same trip again on our points, so don’t worry, we’ll be just fine as we find ways to adventure and see more of the world together! For now…back to the real world we go

2 thoughts on “All Good Things Must Come to an End…

  1. I was one who read & enjoyed every blog. Thank you so much for including me! Welcome back- wishing you a smooth transition back to work – haha!!



  2. Aaaah,aaaaah, aaaaah is all I can say. I love you both and can’t wait to see you on Friday. All my love…..always.

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